Killing “Closure”

Donald Moeller

I hate the word “closure.” Besides being a psychobabble cliche, it’s rarely true.  People don’t “get on with their lives” once this make-believe state is achieved.  Simply, people’s lives don’t stop after a horrific event nor do they begin again normally once ‘closure’ is reached.

In terms of capital punishment, family victims who watch the execution of their loved one’s murderer are rarely satisfied. “That was too easy – I wish he suffered like my daughter suffered,” is a common refrain. I’ll bet we hear it again tonight after the execution of Donald Moeller.

Moeller is a disgusting human defect who raped and killed 9-year, Becky O’Connell in 1990. His appeals have run out and he’s scheduled to die tonight in South Dakota. The girl’s parents  have raised $1400-dollars from relatives to drive cross country to watch Moeller’s execution.

“I have waited 22 long years for this,” said Tina Curl, who arrived today in Sioux Falls. “He watched her die and I’m going to watch him die.”

Sadly, she’s going to be disappointed.

Three facts you might like to know:

1. America is the only country in the western, civilized world which still has executions.

2. It’s been proven time and again, capital punishment does not deter crime. And

3. Most Americans feel better about crime if we kill killers even though they know it does no good.

One Response to “Killing “Closure””

  1. Bill says:

    I also hate and despise the entire concept of “closure”.

    Capital punishment does not deter crimes of passion, which many murders are. Capital punishment deters nothing if it is implemented many years after the fact and seemingly at random, and that is the case here in America with the above case serving as a perfect illustration.

    However, capital punishment does deter cold-blooded murder in nations which execute the culprits fairly quickly and predictably. The killing of a couple here in our fair city a few years ago by an adult punk merely showing off for some younger guys would not have happened in a lot of nations.

    In theory, I favor capital punishment. Blood thirsty revenge is a-ok by me; call me a savage brute if you like. But in actual practice, I am opposed to it because cops and prosecuters, seeking career advancement, often railroad innocent people. We’ve had several highly publicized examples right here in Rochester. Making a mistake of that type is beyond the pale. We simply can’t chance it.

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