Kids Should Not Smoke

Unless They Smoke Filters

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  1. Bill says:

    I once installed an inground swimming pool on a farm, and both the farmer and his son were chewing tobacco. The kid was all of seven years old. Not what I’d want for my kid, but this is still a free country–sort of. Besides, that little porker pictured above looks like he’d be knocking the other kids around if he weren’t medicated by something or other, and I’m guessing the little girl just had a session with her step-dad. Just a hunch.

  2. Joe Belle-Isle says:

    The little girl was posed. The Asian kids pic was from an article on smoking in Asia by just about EVERYONE. American Tobacco doesn’t post warnings on foreign packs but neither do the Indian or French or Chinese. They are addictive and they make folks money.
    The Tobacco chewing is funny. When I first got here I rode with an old guy into the country to keep him company while he looked over a junkyard guys fresh haul for something he could use.
    The elder father junkman talked like he had a mouthfull of tobacco and spit all the time and his little kid, when he said anything sounded like his Father with his gobbling slobber speach. I thought man that too bad for that kid. He’s growing up hanging around his Dad at about 6 or 7 and picked up more than the Rebell accent-he picked up the garbled speach!!
    I felt sorry for him.
    Then the little kid spit a mouthfull of brown tobacco juice. Kids that grew up in tobacco country learned early that the very top of the plant is sweet, and good tasteing to chew. They snap off the top when nobodies looking like they were breaking of a piece of fresh celery.
    Unfortunately bagged shewing tobacco gets it’s sweet taste from added sugar sweeteners. You gotta be willing to marry a bitch that poured gas on her last wifebeating husband and fired him up to find a sweatheart that will makeout with a tobacco chewing dude.
    I used to get my reefer (A months supply) secretly stuck in a jungle fatigue shirt pocket while other little kids distracted the Sgt or Officer who was catching a ride with me on my daily run 7 miles to the end of an Island North of Chu-lai. The kid who sold it to me was too young to wear pants and wore only a white shirt while he chain smoked cigarrettes.

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