Just Another Man You’re Going to Blame


Human test trials for the male birth control pill are now going on in England. The pill should be on the market in a few years. The research money spent on this stupid project was wasted.

WOMEN – here’s a hypothetical test: say you meet a really hot guy at a cool party. There aren’t any telltale tan lines of a wedding ring on his finger. He looks like he works out almost as much as you do. He’s clean, kind of good-looking, and is neither a hairdresser nor an interior designer. He’s actually asked you three questions about your life and only spent about three quarters of the time talking about himself. He says he likes to dance (“Well, they all lie a little…”).

A bouncing boobed bimbo shakes on by and he never takes his eyes off you. Bingo! You’re slightly drunk – so you invite him back to your apartment “to talk.” When he actually pays for the cab ride and gives the driver a good tip, you think – “should we rush a June wedding….or wait another month?”

As soon as you enter your apartment, passion melts the wallpaper! Clothes fly everywhere and at one point in the melee, you kiss your own forearm! After tumbling into bed, you open the drawer in your night stand, take out a condom and hurriedly hand it to your new lover.

He smiles and says, “I really don’t need that, Baby – I’m on the male birth control pill.”

WOMEN, Do you say …….

A. “Wow! You really DO have a great sense of humor!” or

B. “You HAVE to – I don’t want to get HIV again!” or

C. “Good! I WANT to have more children!” or

D. “Geez – I thought only prison inmates said that!” or

E. “Right. How selfish of me to put an unwanted pregnancy before your minute and a half of pleasure!”

Male birth control pills will become viable only when women trust men enough to put down the toilet seat every night.


2 Responses to “Just Another Man You’re Going to Blame”

  1. Joseph Belle-Isle says:

    They already have a male birth control. Menopause. Dr’s and nurses really don’t like working on HIV patients. They wear gloves and masks, But guys who want to fool around wear a micro thin prophylactic. It just doesn’t add up.

  2. Brenda says:

    Excellent point Joe. Its amazing how a some men’s priorities change when there’s a piece of ass around:)

    I concur Franco. Male birth control pills do seem like a silly idea just like a female birth control is silly too, unless one is in a serious relationship with limited risk of STDs.

    I think the point is to give men more options in preventing unwanted pregnancies besides condoms. It could relieves some of the responsibility of women in some relationships.

    I loved the blog though. It was a fun read.

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