Job Opening: Executioner


Must be good with a sword and have a blind faith in the religious horseshit called Sharia law. Training is provided. Pay is limited but excellent opportunity to get ahead.  Apply online to the Head of Human Services, Ministry of Civil Service,  for a ‘religious functionary position.

Judges in Saudi Arabia are ordering public beheadings like they are going out of style – which, of course, they did for the civilized world around the 18th century.

In Saudia Arabia, the US’s closest Arab ally, so many beheadings are expected this year, there is a shortage of men skilled with a talent for separating a head from the rest of the body.

I know I cannot accept this religious/cultural horseshit and I’m angry America continues alliances with these barbarians.  Haven’t we wasted enough lives and money in the Mideast trying to pretend that one side is better than another?

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