“Jews Have Horns”

Miss Goldstein had just announced to our 7-th grade class that she was Jewish.  The year was 1962.  The place was a small Upstate New York town of fewer than 2000 people.  It was the black & white TV period in American history.

“You can’t be Jewish!” loudly said Galen M. “Jews have horns!”

As the class burst into laughter, chaos, and ridicule of Galen, I noticed not everyone was amused.  More than one of the other students sat there stunned and silent. They, too, believed the same, stupid thing.

Could any child in America be that embarrassingly ignorant today?

Of course not.  Today we have a superior education system, hundreds of around-the-world cable TV channels, and the internet.  Today, no kid could live in such a naive, clueless bubble – in America.

But America is not the world.  Children in other countries ARE this ignorant.  Let’s take an example:  Afghanistan.  In that poor country, fewer than 3 out of 4 people can read and less than half have electricity.  Televisions are no big deals if you can’t plug them in and the internet is less valuable than a healthy goat.

The people of Afghanistan believe what the tribal leaders, Al-Qaeda, and the Taliban tell them what to believe about America.  If they have any doubts, our bombs and rockets, which blow away their neighbors, will convince them.

We’ve already lost too many fine American troops in this conflict.  And “too many” started with the very first one.

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  1. Joe Belle-Isle says:

    Yeah-so they don’t have electricity, they got TALENT. National Geographic showed how some old style afghan candy makers were able to make good clean taffy like sugar candy that had to be hand pulled by two men about ten feet apart without it hitting the dirt floor. Could any American you know do that? I’ll just bet the Jewish guys could because they could get a couple of tall ones and they could use their horns.
    I think actually Galen M just got confused listening to his Mother and her freinds talking a bout the new Dr. in town – Dr. Liptonschlonger.

  2. paolo. says:

    Hey Joe – Went to college with a woman named Fern Lipshitz – no shitz. She became a lesbian during that time. I think she had issues.

  3. Joe Belle-Isle says:

    That is pronounced leap-sheets. It goes back to the desert crossing days and slit trench latrines. Then came “Hop-Frog” and the girls cut their hair short to keep people from playing Hop Frog on them after using the slit trenches. And it must a stuck.

  4. Bill says:

    I agree with your analysis, but I’m not sure Americans are all that much better informed. How many times have you heard “they hate us for our freedom”? What a crock. They hate us because we keep killing them. Not real hard to figure out.

    Also, your small town must have been dumber than mine. I went to a Catholic school, and anti-semitism was in the air we breathed. For example, I remember learning all about a land called Palestine but not one word about Israel, and this was in 1956-57. However, nobody believed Jews had horns. Nobody.

  5. Joe Belle-Isle says:

    Funny, In central Florida, they hate Catholics, Jews, Blacks, Yankees, Mexicans,Cubans, Bikers, the people from next door and the idiot down the street, but they LOOOVE that Jesus. To forgive is divine! But not THEM. They can’t even spell Palestine. I don’t know how the town I landed in became predominately Catholic like me but just outside of town theres a church with a radio transmitter the country folk and the KKK love. But in reality the Nazi’s ran away to the Arab counties and the stupid shits have been murderring anyone who had anything to do with nazi hunting ever since. We kill them but they killed us. We just kill them better. I think what you mean is a lot of the time we kill the WRONG ones. I wonder about these safe for us bombings from unmanned drones and pilots awake for 24 hr’s before they drop from a large altitude. and Killing the women and kids when we should be killing the soldiers that want to kill us, but so long as those soldiers hide behide the women and kids when they are messing with us they are responsible. There is a strong lesson ignorant people should be able to grasp, don’t mess with the US. But enough is enough, It’s time for a pullout-the enemy regroups, but we let them know that so are we, and hope SOMEBODY gets the message it’s stupid.

  6. Joe Belle-Isle says:

    LOOK! The guy above has a black prophylactic on the end of EACH of his horns. He goes to Spain for the running of the Bulls every year and just lays on his back naked and giggles. HARVARD lost him from the Genetics lab a few years ago. And he was IN Charge.

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