“I’ve Had Just About Enough Of Myself Today”

I must have this thing about robots.

The title quote is from my beautiful twin Amy.  I resisted writing a blog for years because the ones I read were everyone else’s daily, boring, bullshit lives.  But the “father” of this blog, Paul X (he asked me never to use his name here) said I could write anything I wanted.  So I hope you like my daily opinions and, perhaps, “quirks” – but I’ve had a lousy day and  now – for just one day – you’re going to have to read about it. Why? Because.

• It was 91-friggin’ degrees here with lots of humidity.  I have one of those big, square, floor fans which is now on my desk about a foot from my face. I made a decision in January NOT to purchase the air conditioning, extra rent “plan”. Did you read: JANUARY?!!

• Wednesday the Cat fell asleep on her back with all of her paws out trying to keep cool looking like a kitty slut.  It’s got to be a bitch to wear a fur coat in this weather.

• Maybe because it was too hot in the daytime but a jackhammer has been pounding since about 5:00 pm.  Even though I’m 18-floors from the ground, it sounds like it’s on my terrace which has to be open because of the heat.  If he doesn’t stop by my bedtime, tomorrow you may see me on the national news.

• I’m starving but it’s too hot to make dinner.  I didn’t say “cook” – I said “make”.  Lenny Bruce once said the saddest thing in the world is a hooker’s refrigerator. He never saw mine.  I’ve lived on peanuts and wine since 11:00 AM.

• I will probably delete this post tomorrow.

• I’m sick of looking at that Iraqi guy’s face on my previous blog and tonight Sarah Palin and Donald Trump are having dinner together in New York – really! (And I only get peanuts).  Will she invite him back to the bus?

And how was your day? (never mind I was just being polite)


5 Responses to ““I’ve Had Just About Enough Of Myself Today””

  1. Bill says:

    Trump and Palin had pizza. Big spender.

    The robot picture reminded me of a party I once attended at which a wheelchair bound girl with muscular dystrophy danced with a young man. He literally held her up so her feet did not touch the floor, and her body would sway as he moved through the steps. She was not a small woman, and his efforts had to be nothing less than heroic. I hope he had enough left to enjoy his reward. (I know I’m making assumptions here, but come on.)

    Your sour remarks are no worse than the stuff I see on facebook all the time. Don’t bother deleting it.

  2. Joe Belle-Isle says:

    Man them Chinese will do ANYTHING to keep women from having babies.If they start cutting their heads off too you won’t want to drop the soap anywhere near the mainland. That’s probably not a good idea already anyhow.
    “Hey GUARD! I need to take another shower!”
    “But you JUST TOOK a shower!”
    “I KNOW!! That’s why I need to take another one!”

  3. air conditioner installation successful. was terrified I’d drop it out my 3rd story window. so much happier now. i’m sure ConEd is 2 kewell

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