It Was SOOO Cold Here . . .

…Politicians Had Their Hands in Their Own Pockets.

3 Responses to “It Was SOOO Cold Here . . .”

  1. Bill says:

    She’s hitchhiking and knows how to do it.

  2. Joe Belle-Isle says:

    Ahh the goodness of the American heart! A big strapping young midstate farmer guy about 25 drove through a small town early one morning on the way to work at our job. A woman with her clothes half ripped off and bloody got to his door screaming for help, and she was all beat up yelling she had been raped. He locked his door fast and flew out of there, bragging at work how he had outsmarted the obviously conniving crackhead whore the had beat herself up to get some dumbass to stop and help her at 5:30 am. No-body could get the best of that guy he had experience and had already learned to hate niggers and spics and gooks and Wops and Micks and Kikes and by god no woman that said she had escaped from rapists that said they were going to kill her was gonna get him to stop anymore stopped than he already was stopped at a redlight in a small town. So if the girl above is hitch-hiking in N. Fla durring one of the few days it snows a little here she’d only get a ride if she was in gradeshool or earlier. No matter how hard the Florida Departement of Law Enforcement protects child molesters There’s always some bad kid like my 2 and 4 yr old grandkids around to make the bad guys make it harder and harder for the FDLE to protect them. (The bad guys . I’m convinced the FDLE understands childmolesters from first hand experience. The bums that flew into the trades Centers went to school in the same town the kids were in in the same time. I have relatives that are good cops so I’m just talking about the counties you have to drive through to get to Miami or places South.

  3. Joe Belle-Isle says:

    But on the other hand the only convicted female serial killer came from Fla. But she went after older men that said they had money she was already riding with.
    “He who lives by the little head often dies from a little head sized hole in his big head.”

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