It’s OK To Be Takei

“As I’ve grown older, I’ve learned that pleasing everyone is
impossible – but pissing everyone off is a piece of cake.”

OK, I’ll just admit it.  I have never seen an episode of Star Trek – not one. So that probably puts me on some secret FBI list but WTF? I happened to come across the quote above by George Takei who, I guess,  was on the show.  I loved the quote so much, I checked out his Facebook page and enjoyed it. Trekkie or not, you will too. Go to Facebook and type: George Takei.

5 Responses to “It’s OK To Be Takei”

  1. Bill says:

    Hardly anyone watched Star Trek on network television; it was cancelled after three seasons of low ratings. It became a counter-culture classic when it came out in syndicated reruns. Don’t ask me why. I remember seeing George as a guest star on Kung Fu, another one of your not favorites.

  2. Joseph Belle-Isle says:

    Man you guys missed the best part of-Bill-Family Hour after classes in 1970 SUNY at Oswego. And just bout everywhere hippies, warhippies, stoners, greeks (Not the aclu kind willy) bu Frats, etc. ALL the students from everywhere HAD to show up somewhere for the afternoon re-run of Star Trek and get bombed. But I still love what Bill Shatner said to the Audience of Tin foil hatted Klingon dressed and Tribble trekksed whoos at the Saturday Night Live show he hosted. hE LOOKKED AROUND and was freaking amazed at the star trek reception he got and announced, “PEOPLE!! IT WAS A T.V.SHOW!! IT DIDN’T HAVE A SECRET MESSAGE IT WAS JUST A T.V. SHOW THAT FLOPPED AND ONLY RAN A SHORT TIME!!!” And I’ll tell you something else. My unit in Vietnam had one of the you’ll never see ORIGINAL STAR TREK humougously thick and long hundreds of pages that would be PRICELESS today Books, but we couldn’t get toilet paper.
    In the beginning of 1969 to the first pullout we were on on aug/2/1969, the Direct Support Platoon (DSP) of the 6/56th ARTY used up the star trek book to wipe our butts and it gave us HEMMOROIDS!! MY Surgeon Dr. Tighe told me if my hemmorhoids got any worse he’d have to send me to an air conditioned hospital in Japan for a 2 week vacation for a butt operation. I asked, “WHAT? OH WHAT should I do?” Dr. Tighe said, “Well if I were you I’d wipe my ass with sandpaper.” BUTT we didn’t have any sandpaper. But I loved Mr. Solo. Nobeodey mess with my first space crew! No Frank I didn’t say SPACE SCREW!

  3. Bill says:

    Hey Joe, I was in Gamma; the ACLU came later.

    I also saw those afternoon reruns because the girl I was banging insisted on it. Lust will overpower the brain every time.

    Remember the mind meld Spock used to use? My theory is George Takei was channeling that Star Trek book of yours to suck the blood vessels right out of your behind.

  4. paolo. says:


    At the end of this spiel, he yelled “GET A LIFE!”

  5. Joseph Belle-Isle says:

    YEAH FRANK!! And Bill what you said explains a LOT. I KNOW I could feel my brains going out my asshole but I thought that was from Bombs and Artillery. In SE Asia a Oriental performing a Mind meld on my asshole makes just as much sense. Did he spit or swallow? Maybe I could go back and pick up some of the pieces?? Too Bad our “Head” Clerk is gone. He’da known.

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