ISIS Is Beating The US In Syria


Are you surprised?  We’ve already lost in Iraq and Afghanistan.  And we’re going to lose every war in which we try to take over other countries and foreign cultures.

Our Founding Fathers would be horrified at our international meddling! There’s nothing in our Constitution that says America should be running around the world setting up “democratic” puppet-states.  Nobody has “our” oil under their sand.  We cannot make the world “safe for democracy” or protect human rights for 6.5 billion people.  It would be nice if we could – but we can’t.  We’ve proved that for over 70-years of failed foreign interventionism.

And what has all this gotten us?

A deep dislike – and often hatred – by most of the world. A teetering economy puffed up by huge debts of pretend money swiped from your grandchildren and great-grandchildren. And the loud sucking sound of millions of jobs flushed overseas.

Quick question: if the US military decided to withdraw completely from the Mideast, how long would it take for Iran, Iraq, and Syria to form a massive army and eradicate this ISIS scum?

ISIS winning the war in Syria:



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