Is It A Crime To Be A Nitwit?


It was 2:00 AM (hint, hint) on the Fourth of July last year at Henrietta Hots, a local diner.  Ryan Conklin and his friend went in to get some food and noticed three Monroe County Sheriffs munching burgers together on their break.  Ryan didn’t think it a good idea that all three men should be off-duty at the same time and proceeded to loudly tell them so.  At first the deputies ignored him and then told him to go away – several times.  

But Ryan somehow thought provoking law enforcement officers with an instant performance evaluation was a good idea and suggested they stagger their dinner shifts.  Some testosterone was thrown back and forth, a confrontation ensued, and then Ryan was arrested. At first he resisted arrest but that turned out to be another bad idea. 

Conklin is now saying the police assaulted him and will likely sue.  The police charged him with disorderly conduct.  Stay tuned.

Full arrest video (without sound):

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