If You Have an Erection That Lasts Longer than 4-Hours…

…See Your Doctor.

Oh, right. You’ve got to hand it to the Cialis people. They take a supposed “health risk” – which is just about every guy’s sexual fantasy – and “warn” you about it every chance they get. The medical term for an erection which won’t go down is ‘priapism’ – and a medical dictionary is the closest I’ve ever come to it.

The name comes from the Greek god Priapus, referring to the myth that he was punished by the other gods for attempting to rape a goddess, by being given a huge, but useless, set of wooden genitals. The definition is from Wikipedia – and a more detailed definition from that source does not include any other references to wood.

Priapism is supposed to be a serious medical emergency. So after 4-hours, you’re supposed to call your Doctor. I don’t think so! There’s a LONG list of women I would call first – since college….

“Laurie? This is Frank Paolo – right – Frank Paolo from college – remember? Yah, well remember that night after the feminist rally and you told me all men were pigs? And, uh, I agreed and said I didn’t want to have sex with you because I didn’t want to treat you just like a middle-class slut? Well, I really did, but I couldn’t, ya see..but NOW…uhhh, look, I’m only an hour and a half away from you…ya, I know it’s late but….. Laurie? Hello? Hello?”

“Cindy? Oh, you’re her – granddaughter? Hmm. Well look – I’m a real old friend of your Mom’s – uh, your Grandma’s – and is she there, please? Paolo. Frank Paolo. Oh. Well look, uh, how old didja say you were, honey’? Hello? Hello?”

“Pammy? Frank Paolo!……. Hello?”

“Elizabeth? Frank Paolo here. Yeh, really. Gosh – I was thinking about the silliest thing. Remember that night in New York and we were just lying there – uh, kind of not doing anything and you looked down at me and said, “You can’t think of anyone else either, huh?” Well…yeh…that was pretty funny. I….you’re still laughing over that, huh? Yeh, me too. Well would you stop laughing for a minute here because ……”

“Dr. John? Frank Paolo here. I took Cialis six hours ago and I’m having a problem….”

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6 Responses to “If You Have an Erection That Lasts Longer than 4-Hours…”

  1. Bill says:

    I had a friend who tried Viagra while in his 40s and quite healthy just to see what would happen. His lady was willing to do whatever was necessary to keep him from seeing the doctor. After six hours and truly heroic efforts on her part, he was still hard as a rock and in pain. A quick injection deflated the crisis, but he advises against screwing around with Mother Nature.

  2. Rich Gardner says:

    A couple years ago I wrote a resume for a pharmaceutical rep – a woman – who sold Viagra. Novelties that she handed out to physicians included silk ties with beautiful scroll-work designs that, turned sideways, said “Viagra,” and little chrome desk calendars that, at the push of a button, sprang up straight – boing! – at a 45-degree angle. These were both amusing, but sad; like there’s a pill for everything, even relationships.

  3. Rich Gardner says:

    P.S. This was hysterical.

  4. Frank Paolo says:

    No offense – but what does sex have to do with relationships? Must have skipped that day when they taught it. Having sex with someone you love is better – but so is eating cheeseburgers.

  5. impotent says:

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