I Wouldn’t Call Her a “Bombshell”

Rima Fakih is Miss USA, 2010.  She’s a Muslim.

3 Responses to “I Wouldn’t Call Her a “Bombshell””

  1. Bill says:

    Wow. No wonder they hide them from sight.

  2. Joe Belle-Isle says:

    I’d Fakih, and I’d conjugate her like a sticky verb.

    No Bill, I think the hidden ones are hidden for a reason, Fakih’s don’t come out from under every paper bag. I think they keep them coverred up so nobody knows they are married to the neighbors little boy or their wife needs to shave. Or has a wool tail.

  3. Tapon says:

    Rima Fakih is prttey, well more sexy than prttey, and for those who think it’s the same, well there’s a difference. Georgina Rizk is definitely prettier, I cannot even compare, she is a real beauty. Rima looks more like Kim Kardashian and I personally do not find this type of “beauty” particularly appealing, again they are “sexy”…period. There are many girls in Lebanon who are way prettier, classier, smarter, they just don’t participate in beauty pageants. Ivy is not a hater Donna and I totally respect her opinion, if you read her text carefully and attend to the semantics of it, she is proud of Rima and we all are. She just may not be the type of beauty that we relate to. Peace y’all.

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