I Volunteer To Shoot Somebody

The more I read about the Trayvon Martin shooting case, the less I think it has to do with race – and the more I think it has to do with an aggressive, untrained, not-so-bright cop-wannabe.

The shooter, George Zimmerman, 28, is a ‘neighborhood watch’ volunteer in Sanford, Florida.  His neighborhood had a number of burglaries lately and George was tired of it.  He was also tired of suspects getting away before the police arrived so he did something stupid about it.

Despite being told by the 911 dispatcher NOT to confront Trayvon Martin, George got out of his car and started running after him. We’ll have to wait for the state investigation to find out exactly what happened next.  We already know the tragic outcome: Trayvon Martin was shot dead.

I really don’t think the fact Martin was black had much to do with his death.  I think this fool Zimmerman would have shot anyone in the same circumstances.

The 911 tapes can be heard here:


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  1. Bill says:

    I agree Zimmerman would have gone after anyone who made him suspicious and did not single the kid out because of his race, but the fact the kid was black probably did play a role in raising those suspicions, even if subconsciously.

    My educated guess is they got into a fight with Zimmerman ending up on the ground and the kid on top of him at which point Z became fearful, pulled his weapon and shot the kid. I think this because Z had a bloody nose and a cut on the back of his head, and there were several witnesses to the altercation. Even now, after all the negative blowback in the media, the police have not arrested Z. They know he didn’t break the law and will present the case to the grand jury simply to appease the howling masses.

  2. paolo. says:

    You’ve made an awful lot of assumptions without any proof. That’s why we have a grand jury system.

  3. paolo. says:

    Waiting for Florida Joe to check in on this.

  4. Bill says:

    I have made assumptions, but they aren’t wild, crazy hunches. Perhaps Casper the friendly ghost put that cut on the back of Zimmerman’s head; but I think it more likely happened when he was knocked down and hit his head on the sidewalk or porch or whatever. If the kid was on top of Zimmerman, there would be powder burns on both guys and there would be large amounts of the kid’s blood on Zimmerman’s shirt. And don’t forget the witnesses.

    If the police thought there had been a crime committed, they would have made an arrest. Under these new “stand and defend” laws you can’t just blow someone away and then claim it was self-defense. If that were the case we would have seen 10,000 shootings within the 1st six months. You need to feel you are physically at risk, and the evidence has to support your allegation. The witnesses are the key.

    Yeah, I’d like to hear Joe’s take.

  5. christian love…

    […]I Volunteer To Shoot Somebody « Everyone Is Entitled To My Opinion[…]…

  6. Joseph Belle-Isle says:

    1st I got an acre and a quarter of land pie shaped with a woods in back. Then I put our home way far back from the road and got a little barking dog. Now we’re having a -we were having, a small crime wave. I WAS Trained before everyone had a starlight scope or infra red and qualified expert. at NIGHT firing. I keep all my outside light off at night so I have an advantage over a burglar. It’s legal for me to have target practice on my property. It IS unusual to have NIGHT target practice but i do and so far have hit the shadow of every tree that pops up when the moon lets it dead square and can put 6 round in a 2″ circle at 50 paces. I rid a bike unarmed around the neighborhood and tell everyone my house is wired to 220V and The gunshots come from my house but it’s safe so don’t worry I’m just practicing for the burglar. I can’t imagine why but for some reason there hasn’t been any thing stolen around here lately. Prepare, practice, be ready to kill, let it be known, and relax. Criminals would rather rob the easy targets.

  7. Joseph Belle-Isle says:

    PS I used to be able to hit a dime 2 out of ten times when tossed in the air to prepare me for night firing-called “quick kill training,” I don’t want to kill anyone I just want to permanently disable them for life. Damn I wish I’d a had a shot at the ice chest they were carrying Cheney’s new heart around with!!. But It’s satisfying to know that those ops don’t last long-By By dickie.

  8. Joseph Belle-Isle says:

    And that Zimmerman monkey looks like he needs some corrective high velocity sort of face lift, sy-45 calibre.

  9. Paul says:

    I agree with you Frank.

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