I Root for the Bull – Ole!

Is there any crueler sport than bullfighting?  Even the horrors of disgusting dogfighting cannot compete.  Here’s a piece from the “New Statesman”, an English newspaper, describing the sport.

“The show begins when a bull is forced into an arena confused by the large ring and the deafening roar of a bloodthirsty crowd.  Then the hapless animal is approached by picadors, men on horses, who drive lances into its back and neck muscles. The subsequent loss of blood impairs the bull’s ability to lift its head.  When the banderilleros arrive on foot, the bull can expect further pain from the banderilleros – spiked sticks in bright colors, being stabbed into its back.

Now weak and disorientated, the bull is encouraged by the banderilleros to run in dizzying circles before finally, the matador appears and, after a few forced charges, tries to kill the bull with his sword. If he misses, he stabs the submissive animal on the back of the neck until it is paralyzed. The idea is to cut the animal’s spinal cord, but if the matador botches the job, the bull may be fully conscious while its ears or tail are removed as trophies. On many occasions, the bull remains alive until it is dragged out of the arena to be slaughtered.”

That’s the way it goes most of the time.  But last week, Spanish matador, Julio Aparico, stumbled and received a bull horn through his throat exiting his mouth.  The bullslitter was rushed from the arena to a hospital where he is now barely alive.  That only makes me a little sad.  I am terribly saddened by the bull which was slaughtered because he could not be tortured enough to die a natural bullfighting death.

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  1. Joe Belle-Isle says:

    And when the bull shook his head from side to side to get the guys head off his horn? That makes me think the word HORNY is mis-used an awful lot. Right now he probably talks like s chipmunk on acid in a black fedora.

  2. Bill says:

    I agree; it is a horrible sport.

    I won’t go into it, but the article you quoted from the New Statesman contains errors; I doubt the author knew much about the topic.

    I saw the video, and the matador actually walked away under his own power. He’s going to be fine. If you like, you can see quite a few videos online of matadors getting gored; the bulls aren’t all that “docile”.

    If you really want to get disgusted, there is a video on youtube in which the matador severs a major vessel in the bulls neck, but the wound bleeds INTO its throat. Every time the animal breathes, blood copiously streams out its nostrils. What makes the display ultra disgusting is the sound of young women giggling and whooping it up at the bull’s distress. Makes you want to machine gun the whole crowd.

  3. Joe Belle-Isle says:

    What kind of people??? The Mexican President and his new buddy? And that guy wants us to give up our 2nd ammendment because American guns are used by bad guys in Mexico? Wait till those 100,000 AK47’s from Iran start coming in his southern border from Chavez.

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