I REALLY Want to Go to the World Series!


Susan Finkelstein’s Mug Shot After Her Arrest

Susan Finkelstein, 43, of Philadelphia wants to go to the World Series.  But, of course, so do thousands and thousands of other baseball fans scrambling for a very few, overpriced tickets.  So Susan decided to use her head (along with whichever parts of her body necessary) to “purchase” two tickets for herself and her husband.  She placed an ad on “Craig’s List” describing herself as a “gorgeous, tall, buxom blonde in desperate need of two World Series tickets.”  The “price” was negotiable and double entendres filled the ad.

Vigilant Pennsylvania (the “Keystone” State) cops set up a sting in a local upscale bar, busted the wannabe hooker, put on handcuffs, and charged her with “solicitating prostitution and other offenses.” A court date was not immediately set.

America – is this something on which you want to spend your tax dollars?

In my opinion, prostitution should be legalized – along with gambling and drug possession – but that’s just me.  Maybe arcane prostitution laws should be enforced when they involve minors on street corners spreading diseases to support their drug addictions and putting themselves in jeopardy with sexual maniacs.  But THIS?

I’ll bet there’s not one woman reading this post who has not “prostituted” herself – in some way – during her lifetime.  Living in a loveless marriage because it’s “for the children”? Prostitution!  In school did you ever sleep with a guy because you wanted to be more popular or go to a distant Rolling Stones concert? Prostitution!  Have you had sex with someone for drugs, clothes, dinner, or repairing your car?  Prostitution!  “Had carnal knowledge” of a man because you were tired and it was easier to say “yes” than “no”?  Hookersville!

Well, at least my friend, Ginger Lynn (#1 Female Adult Actress in the ‘80’s and in my book) balled for money and fun and doesn’t even pretend to deny it.  Could YOU be that honest?

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