“I Have Earworms . . .” she said.

“I do too”, I admitted.

Oh, shut up – you have them too just like 97% of the population.  Earworms are those little musical ditties that play repeatedly in our minds.

Have you ever said, “I just can’t get that song out of my head.”?  You have an earworm – a short, upbeat, incomplete part of a song that you play in your brain over and over again.  Simple words and repetitive melodies create unforgettable earworms which are highly favored by advertisers and simpy groups like the Village People (think: “YMCA”).  The Village People are earworm legends!

Psychologists who study this phenomenon (they really should have better things to do) call earworms “cognitive itches” and compare them to physical itches which must be repetitively scratched.  Mozart was said to be almost driven to madness by earworms.  There’s really no known “cure” for this intellectual pollution and the prognosis is dismal.

In January – I’ll be plagued by those goddam Christmas song earworms which I don’t even like around Christmas – much less Halloween.

Wouldn’t everyone appreciate Christmas more if it only came once every 3-years?  How about Never – would that be good for you? How about Christmas coming the 25-th of Never?

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