I Hate Cliches Like the Plague

Promise you’ll eat worms in 2008 if you:

• “bring closure” to anything.

• take anything “to a new level”.

• “celebrate a life, not mourn a death”.

• determine “the true meaning of Christmas”.

• “stop to smell the roses”.

• say “Hot enough for you?”.

• say “Cold enough for you?”

• say “There you go….”

• say “whatever…….”

Why shouldn’t you say these things?

Because you’ll be sending the wrong message and won’t have a nice day.


One Response to “I Hate Cliches Like the Plague”

  1. Bob Mahoney says:

    Yes, yes…gold watches to all of those phrases that have earned the right to retire in obscurity.

    Also “we’re seeing a paradigm shift…” or “Kick it up a notch.”

    And there are SO many more…

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