I’m an Accountant . . .

. . . a rollerblader,

. . . a Tiger Woods lover,

. . . a collector of porcelain phalluses.

I’m a Mormon.

OK – what is it now with this Mormon media blitz?  People who are LDS (NOT LSD!) Latter Day Saints or, more commonly, Mormons, are telling us in television and print ads how normal they are.  So what?  I always thought them respectable, good people.  It’s not like they’re Scientologists advertising in the back of Popular Science magazine – or bizarre Christian sects which worship snakes.  They’re white bread, American Mormons for chrissakes!

OK, so their underwear is a little strange (see mormon-underwear. ) but compared to the costumes they wear at the Vatican, Mormon undergarments are definitely understated.  But I’d love to see Marie Osmond wearing hers – wouldn’t you?

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  1. Bill says:

    There is a lot of anti-Mormon sentiment in this country, and all the publicity in recent years over alleged child abuse and polygamy hasn’t helped. Also, both a movie and a book were released purporting to tell the story of the massacre of a wagon train’s passengers at the hands of Mormons and their Indian allies. The fact that Mormons don’t drink, or do drugs, or smoke, or have premarital sex has some folks convinced the sect must be from outer space.

    You may remember political groups insisting Mitt Romney is not really a Christian.
    Just as Kennedy had to overcome fears of a Vatican run Whitehouse, so Romney has to assure people he is “normal”, and I believe that is what’s driving this ad campaign.

  2. Joe Belle-Isle says:

    So The deeply religious nuts just figured out the more clothes they wear and the less they show the better it feels to take it off. But you are forgetting that Marie is so old now she only looks 20 from that many facelifts and a high dollar girdle. That gives her a high pressure bladder. Do you really want to see an old incontinet womans underwear? You’re having to think about the answer aren’t you?
    But I knew an old Mormon from out west who said they believed to turn the other cheek when they were settling the west but they only had two cheeks and after someone hit them in both cheeks it was alright to shoot them.

  3. drad says:

    dont forget the 30 million they spent to change my states constitution {california} and did it by sneak start taxing these religions they got enough to buy laws and keep pedophiles out of jail tax the criminals and bigots

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