Hugh Hefner and Natalie Portman Engaged!

To different people of course.  But since I don’t care at all about Ms. Portman, let me tell you about Mr. Hefner’s third engagement.

Crystal Harris, 24, is the new fiancé to Hef who is 84 but seemingly ageless.  Ms. Harris was Playboy’s Miss January, 2010 but has many other credentials.  She’s been on a dozen episodes of some “E!” reality show and will soon get her BA degree in psychology.  In addition, she has a singing contract with a major music company.

What I love about the engagement is that Hef continues to be in the forefront of the sexual revolution after more than half a century!  There are so many more types of romantic relationships than the ones traditional America accepts.  “June, moon, spoon. children – forever – love” is an ideal that exists best in romance novels and on the movie screen.   The sooner we expose young people to alternative lifestyles, the less heartbreak they will have to endure.

4 Responses to “Hugh Hefner and Natalie Portman Engaged!”

  1. Bill says:

    I don’t believe anyone doubts Ms Harris’s intelligence, nor do they doubt her motives. Who can blame her? Put up with the pawing of an old fart for a couple years and then be wealthy for the rest of her life.

    Similarly, if I were an old rich guy and could buy myself a young beauty, I’d do it. Why the hell not? But you know, Hef wouldn’t have to marry her to have her (or one like her). A million up front and another million in trust would do the trick. So why is he marrying her? Because he believes in all that crap you mock out in the third paragraph. And because he does, most Americans think he’s an old fool.

  2. paolo. says:

    A mind is a terrible thing to waste, Bill.

    Christian, traditional America was basically horrified when Hef was living with THREE different lovelies AT THE SAME TIME. They had an openly sexual arrangement in which each enjoyed the company of all – for years. He followed that up by living with and loving two biological twin sisters!

    And you tell us Hef believes in traditional American values? Stop sprinkling acid on your cornflakes, son! I think Hef is doing this to outrage the country with the 60-YEAR AGE DIFFERENCE – and I think it’s great.

  3. Bill says:

    Most people in our age group and younger have had multiple partners–both within and without marriage. Not sure who would be “outraged” by Hef’s marriage in this day and age. Back in 1950–sure. But now?

    Incidently, Natalie Portman is talented, rich, and quite brilliant in addition to being beautiful. I’d take her over that bland blond in a heartbeat. I like to converse while catching my breath.

  4. paolo. says:

    I’m posting a picture I shot of a friend of mine from 2005. You may have seen her often at 10 Manhattan Square. Many people said she looked like Natalie Portman – I think she looked better. (Hi Talia!)

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