How The Afghan War Helped Kill Phillip Hoffman

Phillip Hoffman was ultimately responsible for his own death. He’s the one who became addicted and plunged a needle with too much high-grade heroin into his own arm.  But it certainly didn’t hurt that there’s a huge rise in top quality shit flooding the American market.  Hoffman didn’t have to look too hard to find good stuff.  It’s also available to millions of less prestigious Americans.


Heroin is refined from poppies.  The UN estimates that 90% of the world’s poppy fields are in Afghanistan – and the number of fields has increased EVERY SINGLE YEAR the US has been in that sad rathole.


When they were in control of Afghan provinces, the Taliban and al-Queda routinely executed farmers who grew illegal poppies  They constantly preached against it and forbade their followers to farm the plants regardless of profit.

The Americans don’t enforce local laws on poppies because they’re interested in “becoming friends” with Afghans whom they don’t want to side with al-Queda.  American troops walk through acres of poppy fields every day in their mad search for terrorists. And the fields continue to grow and grow.

Had enough yet America?

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  1. Alan D. says:

    This is one of the best blogs you’ve ever written.

  2. paolo. says:

    Thanks, Alan.

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