How Bored Do You Have To Be … ?

… to see how popular your first name was the year you were born?  Frank was the 29th most common name given to children (presumably male) in the United States in 1950.  There were 11, 618 of us.

Don’t pretend you don’t want to know!  Go here and answer 3 simple questions:

4 Responses to “How Bored Do You Have To Be … ?”

  1. Bill says:

    Do you want your child to have a distinctive name and possibly get teased by his peers, or would you like him to have the same boring name as six other kids in his class? Androgenous names seem to be in right now.

    I’ve met kids named Starburst, Cocaine, and Shine (yes, he was black). There are a great many Passions, Princes, and Queens out there. I once saw a legitimate birth certificate with 17 middle names. How about Quai Chiang Caine? Sound out it out and think 70s TV.

    I could do this all night, but I’ll spare you.

  2. Joe Belle-Isle says:

    I have a birth middle name and a confirmation middle name and a two part last name. that they left the Du on Du Belle-Isle out of Joseph Alan Peter du Belle-Isle. Actually The French Marshal Joseph Alan Peter Du Belle-Isle. I applied for a peddlers license and the girl behind the desk said my business HAD to have an official OFFICIAL name-made up by me.
    I STILL am on the books as THE GREAT NASSAUVILLE FRUIT EMPIRE, OWNED BY THE FRENCH MARSHAL JOSEPH ALAN PETER Du BELLE-ISLE. And I paid my $500 impact fee on my property with PENNIES. Work was slow at the time-I sold boiled peanuts.

  3. Bill says:

    Du telle.

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