Hoping For A Fall From Grace

Nancy Grace went ballistic over the ‘not guilty’ verdict in the Casey Anderson trial.  She’s a lawyer so she must know what justice is better than 12 jurors and the American Judicial process. I find her loud, obnoxious, rude, and (sorry) chunky.  Kind of like the Rosie O’Donnell of Fox News.

So of course she’s a new contestant on “Dancing With The Stars”. I hope her partner is Dick Cheney – now THAT would be justice! Her selection must have been based on her famous comment after the Anthony verdict: “The Devil is Dancing Tonight.”

I don’t know if Nancy Grace is the devil – or dances like one.  But this fall I will watch my first episode of “Dancing With The Stars”.  I’ll bet I won’t catch her in the second.  And if I were her partner, I wouldn’t want to catch her at all.

5 Responses to “Hoping For A Fall From Grace”

  1. Bill says:

    The woman works for Fox and makes a good living at following the Fox party line. Who knows what she’s like in real life? “Dancing” is the best kind of publicity in the world–the free kind.

    Casey Anthony was probably guilty, and juries do sometimes get it wrong (remember OJ?). But knowing someone is guilty and proving it beyond a reasonable doubt in a court of law are two very different things. Prosecutors struggle with this dilemma all the time; it’s one reason we see so many plea bargain deals.

  2. paolo. says:

    Guilty – but guilty of what? Remember the prosecutor was going for 1st degree, premeditated murder – nothing else. I doubt if that happened. Here’s what I said in my blog,

    What do I think? I think Casey was in the house, probably getting high or watching soaps, Kaylee snuck off to the pool and drowned. Casey isn’t going to get any “Mother of the Year” award for her stupidity but that’s still a long way from capital murder. Then she panicked about being a lousy Mom, called Daddy, and the coverup began.

    Did she leave the pool ladder down and “hope” Casey climbed up and in? We’ll never know. This scenario, to me, has a lot more credence than smothering the baby with duct tape and driving the body around. The state could not prove that – hence the ‘not guilty’.

    I think a juror said it best, “Not guilty doesn’t mean she was innocent.”

  3. Joe Belle-Isle says:

    Any woman that holds her head like that and habitually keeps her mouth open I find hard to listen to.When the gob gob goblin comes a bob bob bobing along.

  4. Bill says:

    Yes Frank, it could have happened as you’ve outlined it. I think it’s more likely she simply left all the doors and gates open and hoped for the best and got her wish. It doesn’t really matter because unless Anderson confesses, there’s no case. So what does the prosecutor do? He takes a course of action that might intimidate the woman into plea-bargaining to the lesser crime. More importantly, he takes the course which will generate the most publicity and garner votes for the next election. He’s the “defender” of helpless children.

    The prosecutor and Nancy Grace had a symbiotic relationship quite similar to the one the prosecutor of the Duke “rapists” had with the media. Lots of heat, big ratings, many votes.

    Americans watch too many movies in which a Tommy Lee Jones type lawman searches for the “truth”. In real life, each player does what is best for himself. Don’t like it? Shake your fist at the sky. Or suck on a bottle.

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