She’s Hope For Ugly Babies

(She’s going to kill me for this.)

I have to be honest here, there ARE some ugly babies. As much as we like to say all babies are cute, some are as ugly as a bucket of hookworms.  Take one of my best friends, Amy.

Today Amy is an intelligent, beautiful, and funny woman who once worked as a model.  But her first picture looks like she was made of wax and her Mother left her out too long in the sun.  I’m sooo happy I didn’t know her Mom then.  What do you say when a proud parent slaps an ugly photo of her newest effort in front of you?  You CAN’T say:

“Oh, my.” or,

“I’ll bet she’ll have a GREAT personality!” or,

“Did you get the right baby?”

After years of long thought, I’ve decided there’s only one safe route here: the Genetic-Duplication-Celebration:

“She has your eyes! (Smile.) or,

“I see Paul’s mouth! (Smile.) or,

“She looks just like you!” (Act excited.)

If the Mother then says, “Oh – she was adopted,”  – give her a thumbs up and say, “Well you obviously picked the best one!” And quickly walk away.

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