Hookers For Haircut Boy


Kim Jung-un has always been a babe-magnet. As noted by a North Korean paper, Kim is one of “the world’s sexiest and most handsome men.”  He’s kind of like the ‘Clooney of Commies.’ It’s more than his soon-to-trend haircuts, it’s the way he dominates his people with crushing love. He’s especially attractive to young women.

To meet the demand, like his Father and Grandfather before him, Kim is forming a ‘Pleasure Squad’ or ‘Joy Brigade’ – a group of beautiful women available to him anytime, any place, to meet his every need. One suspects his immediate needs do not include intellectual stimulation nor military analysis.
Past ‘Pleasure Squads’ included teams “in semi-nude dancing and singing” (Gamujo,) “massage happiness-providers” (Haengbokjo) and, of course, the “satisfaction team” (Manjokjo) to provide sexual services. The women serve at his pleasure and then are sent back to their villages with stipends of cash, appliances, and the prestige of being a former whore for the ‘Supreme Leader.’

No word yet on how Mrs. Jong-un feels about all this but it’s assumed she could participate if she is inclined that way.


Pleasure Squads:  https://www.google.com/

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