Hicks Nix Pick

Miss New York, Nina Davuluri, was crowned Miss America and gave an idealistic, little speech about a celebration of diversity through cultural competency. Although backward bumpkins in trailer parks probably couldn’t understand most of the words, they knew one thing alright: she wasn’t really ‘merican! The rednecks rolled over their empty beer cans and started anonymously burping on social media sites:

“She’s an A-rab!”
“She’s a Muslim.”
“Did Obama have a vote in this?”
“She doesn’t represent American values,” (this from a drooling FoxNews “personality”)

Of course Ms. Davuluri, of Indian heritage, is neither Muslim nor Arabic – just a very intelligent, beautiful, university student who wants to be a doctor.

The whole idea of “Miss America” is as dead as Bert Parks – but at least it’s trying to change with the times.  The idea of a blond, blue-eyed bubble brain is best left to “Miss Hayseed” contests at local 4-H tents in county fairs.  Sorry, gomers.

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