Hey! YOU Chose Tampa in Late August

Yesterday was the first day of the Republican National Convention – and it had to be cancelled. Rush of Flatulence didn’t like that one little bit. He stressed again and again that he didn’t believe in conspiracies – but something was suspicious about the forecasting of Tropical Storm Isaac.

On Saturday night, the National Hurricane Center’s forecast said  Isaac would hit Tampa on Monday.  An hour and a half after Republicans cancelled Monday’s festivities, the forecast changed. Now the storm was headed to New Orleans, 7 years to the day of Hurricane Katrina. Katrina was one of the worst black eyes on the W. Bush administration.  Hmmm…

Of course the National Hurricane Center is a federal agency which is ultimately run by – you got it – Obama! Hmmm….

I wonder what the person who chose Tampa during the hurricane season is doing today?  Formerly he thought Chicago in February and Phoenix in July were great places for conventions.

“In the last 150-years . . . nearly three-fourths of the storms affected Florida between August and October which coincides with the peak of the hurricane season.” … Wikipedia

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  1. Joseph Belle-Isle says:

    I can’t think of a single hurricane that ever hit Florida. It’s people lost and looking for Mickey Mouse that hit the hurricanes. They keep trying to figure out SAFE ways to get out of hurricanes way when the folks running from one from Ga. pass the Fla. Folks running away from the same on pass the ga. People, half going south and half going North.
    What we really need is an “EVACUATION PARACHUTE,” WITH A TAIL ON IT LIKE A KITE TO KEEP IT AIRBORNE AND FLYING IN FRONT of the high winds. Just take your eveacuation chute and open it up and stand around at the airport waiting for the winds to get high enough and determined to last at least three days-carry a bag full of Vienna sausauge. At least everyone will be going in the right direction. The last time they made us all evacuate we missed the hurricane but ALL the motel rooms were rented and reserved to the Mississippi and some 52 people died fro dehydration and heart aattacks in traffic jams on the interstates.

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