Hey Earth!

To me, NASA’s 2011 budget of $18.5 Billion Dollars is just more waste lost in space – I hate TANG.  BTW, this represents only about 9-days of the total US yearly defense budget.

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  1. Joe Belle-Isle says:

    I’ve worked by the Shuttle pad on the Atlas Pad and Assembly Bldy (One of them, and drove past the shuttle on the way in and out and been 350 feet in the air looking all over the swampland they call Cape canaveral-a wildlife preserve FULL of wild aaggilators, and piggies and walking venison no-one can eat. And bugs of such a large unpoisoned magnitude they can’t possibly be logged into any book on bugs. YOU THINK THAT MONEY IS THROWN AWAY BUT I GOT NEWS FOR YOU!! It has made a really nice well protected swamp right next to the only town in Fla. whose land value goes down everytime a missile blows up. You van get a good deal on the only place in the world where it occassionally rains titanium!! Oh yeah- the souvenir’s in the NASA Museum and historical place may not be cheap but even the American Flags are made in China. So very tougching.

  2. paolo. says:

    Are you speaking about Titusville, Fla? In the ’80’s I had a speech there (can’t remember/imagine for whom) – it was the end of July – and I was sweating in the friggin’ shower with all “cold” water on! They asked if I wanted to take a tour of Cape Canaveral (Kennedy?) the next day. VERY nice people but I just wanted to go home, thanks.

  3. Bill says:

    NASA research has military uses.

    Our defense budget is so huge for two reasons. #1. We have a terminal case of national paranoia. #2. It puts money into the hands of rich people, which is just what their employees in congress and the white house are paid to do.

  4. Joe Belle-Isle says:

    Yeah people get it mixed up since the big deal about changing the airbases name to cape kennedy but the NASA swampland still is Cape Canaveral. An Electricina who had been specially trained and working there all his life borrowed a million bucls to buy the apatertements we stayed in-very nice appt’s at a decent rate and well taken care of, his kids worked on the NASA side of the Cape also and if the Challenegr hadn’t of blown up with parts raining on Titusville he would have made a great investment but the price of land started dropping immediately.I was there when they bombed NYC 250′ up in the air on high steel. between the Challenger and then there had been 9 nore nissiles self destroyed-the last one heading for the top floor of Cocoa Beache’s Holiday inn. But their value flew up when Titusvilles flew down. They drug test you. My back was so bad I was being prescribed a little morphine and the inspectors shit. I showed the prescription and went to work. The Bosses shit-I told them, “you’ll never catch me screwing up a $22 p hr job in Fla for some cheap shit pot. I only take hard drugs!” But I was very carefull. But the top was 350′ up and as far as I’m concerned you about GOTTA be screwed up to work that high.

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  7. I just sent this to a co-worker who was talking about this last week. Thanks for posting this.

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