He Lost His Cookies

Oscar Pistorius is the South African double-amputee Olympian charged with the gunshot murder of his beautiful girlfriend. He shot her through the bathroom door where, it is alleged, she was trying to hide from him.  He said it was an accident.

Charly’s Bakery posted photos of cookies decorated with images of Pistorius and messages such as “And the Oscar goes to … jail,” and one of a toilet door and a sign reading “Caution using toilet please don’t shoot!”  Another cookie showed Pistorius in front of the Nike logo with the words “Just do it. He did it.”

South African media published the photos of Charly’s Bakery cookies with the message: “Not sure if these are in good taste, but they sure taste good.”

After a firestorm of negative publicity, the bakery stopped making the cookies and apologized to the victim’s family.

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