Hey Hayat: Kill Yourself!


Really – save us all some time and trouble.  Save yourself cheers when your sorry ass is mowed down by police bullets.  You are now the most hated woman in the world.  Your boyfriend is already up in martyrville eating bacon pizza and doing the horizontal boogie with his 72-trophy virgins. He really doesn’t need you anymore.

Did you forget you’re a woman? Radical Islamists don’t think you’re worth two good goats!  Now that you’ve blown your cover (and probably half of al-Qaeda’s top leaders) you can’t get a new line of work. Neither “al-Qaeda Groupie” nor “Terrorist Murderer” looks good on resumes.

C’mon, Hayat – see how many pieces you can blow your brain into for Allah. Show some balls!

Hayat Boumediene:  https://www.google.com/

One Response to “Hey Hayat: Kill Yourself!”

  1. hyena says:

    She must be arrested and judged.
    If guilty, she will go to jail,

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