Hang On Sloopy

When I put up a song by the Shaggs, I got a few e-Complaints. https://presentationsunplugged.com/blog/?p=21471

A few turned up their noses at Jimmy Durante’s “Make Someone Happy.” https://presentationsunplugged.com/blog/?p=21515

Today someone said “Yellow Submarine” was the Beatles WORST song. https://presentationsunplugged.com/blog/?p=21972


This musical selection should appeal much more to your sophisticated listening tastes. AND you can sing along. JEEEEZ!!!

Who is the “Sloopy Girl” with the natural talents? Unfortunately no one now remembers her name.  But she was from Steubenville, Ohio, the same hometown as Dean Martin.  The Sloopy song has been played at every Ohio State University football game since 1965 and is the “official” state song of Ohio.  Yes, the word “sloopy” is a slang term for “very wet.”  The woman would now be in her seventies.  Read more here: /www.google.com/

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