Great Show, Great Britain!

Hundreds of my readers are from Great Britain and they should be very proud today. The Opening of the 2012 Olympics in London was spectacular.  It beautifully portrayed England from 10,000 volunteer actors creating the Olympic rings in the “Industrial Revolution,” through its thousand year history of literature and music, to the greatest entrance of all time: the Queen parachuting into the stadium! It was also packed with healthy doses of British wit and charm.

Those of us who were busily speculating on who would light the Olympic flame got a smart kick in the ass.  We  speculated on ONE  person from the PAST like it’s always been.  London rocketed through our limited vision and shot out 7-young “future Olympians” to do the “honours.”

All in all, good show, Brits!

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  1. Joseph Belle-Isle says:

    What bout watching the queen Mothers dress fly up past her face as she parchuted down with modern tatoos and a in flight hump with prince Charles??

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