Governor Paison

Except for Mario Cuomo (the father),  there’s never been an Italian-American Governor of New York State.   Cuomo served for 12 years and then was defeated for re-election. We had another one in December of 1942, Charlie Poletti, but he fell into the position after another Governor resigned.  Since he had been defeated in the November election anyway, his term only lasted 29-days.

But the Italians have it covered this year and I predict our next Governor will be Italian – American.  The Democratic candidate:  Andrew Cuomo (the son). The Republican: Carl Paladino.  They’ve been snarling at each other every day.

In a television ad, Cuomo pictured Paladino as a ghoul with blackened eyes coming out of a swamp that represented Albany, our capitol.  Paladino then accused Cuomo of having an extramarital affair.  When an aggressive reporter demanded he prove it, Paladino got in his face and said he was going “to take him out!”  That’s an old mob term that means killing somebody.

Oh well, this is, after all, New York – and we like our politics nasty.  For about the third or fourth consecutive year, a group of independent journalists voted our state government “the most dysfunctional in the nation”.  They didn’t even have to add “corrupt” – I guess that’s assumed.

I heart New York!

3 Responses to “Governor Paison”

  1. Bill says:

    What was Mario Cuomo–Swedish?

    We may have the most dysfunctional legislature, but California has the most dysfunctional state. Why? Because the various propositions passed by the citizenry have made it so.

  2. paolo. says:

    Bingo! Bill – you got me. I went so far back in history, I forgot Cuomo. Now even tho I’m going to change the post, I’m going to leave up our messages to let people know that even I make mistakes ((actually that’s my fifth one this year).

  3. Joe Belle-Isle says:

    Well that’s five times as many as I’ve ever made.

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