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  1. Bill says:

    Much as we might like him to do so, the governor doesn’t have the authority to slash spending by 10%. He can propose, and he can veto, but the ultimate power lies with the legislature.

    I give Paterson a lot of credit for trying to do the right thing. He tried raising revenues and he tried reducing expenses. As a result, his political career is over. He did succeed in exposing the unholy alliance between irresponsible politicians and their enablers—the voters.

    Having no children, I don’t have a personal stake in this, but I am appalled by the seeming indifference the average person has for the future of her own offspring.

  2. paolo. says:

    Sorry – Paterson is just a main stream hack. I think if he was a dynamic leader – without regard for election – he could do a Ross Perot. He could give an impassioned speech – then explain what a 10% cut would mean with simple charts on TV to inflame voters.

    He would cut what he could by executive order, then introduce legislation that would cut 10% across the board for one year. He could show charts of which assembly people were with him – and who was against the idea (there is a grass roots group beginning to do this now). (Throw the incumbents OUT! – all of them!)

    He would not have to break CSEA contracts. He could push (for example) to cut from the Webster School District state aid – 10% for one year. Saying, in effect, the local school board and voters will have to decide what’s important in a crisis situation. The football team? Teachers to expensive conferences? Look folks, you’re only getting 90% of what you had last year. You decide what you should cut.

    There are many more ideas along these lines but they will never be enacted by mainstream political hacks who have neither the imagination – nor the balls – to LEAP outside the “box”.

    It probably doesn’t matter anyway. There are people on other boards who say it’s better for states like NY & California to go BANKRUPT – renig on contracts and obligations – and start fresh. The courts would support this (supposedly).

    Besides destroying our already shaky credit ratings, what would really be the result?

    If contracters have a juicy, lucrative state contract that goes bust one year, don’t you think they’ll come back in 2011 as their cases drag on in court? This would also severely limit the state’s ability to borrow – which is exactly what we need.

    This could all be done by a great leader – Paterson isn’t even close. Nor is Cuomo nor Lazio – nor any other mainstream hack.

  3. Joe Bele-Isle says:

    I keep forgetting I have to dig that Perot poster out and clean the 1/4″ of dust off it sometime when Jo-An’s not looking, to send to you- It is coming!

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