God Said WHAT!?

No quee-uhs!

How does it feels to be on the same side of the gay marriage issue as the Westboro Baptist Church? Those are the religious nitwits who protest at Veterans’ funerals to show God’s displeasure with gays in the military.  They wave their trademark “God Hates Fags!” signs with one hand and clutch their Bibles with the other.

The Pat Robertson-like people bellowing against gay marriage today in front of the Supreme Court aren’t too far from that. Oh sure,  Pat’s people have a few more teeth and wear shoes – but he did say legalizing gay marriage starts us on the slippery slope that could lead to “sex with ducks.”  My favorite women singers did a music video for that on which you can click below.

50-years ago interracial marriage was banned in many of our states.  It took a Supreme Court decision (LOVING v. VIRGINIA, 388 U.S. 1 (1967)) to drag them into the 20th century.

Gay marriage will become legal eventually – it’s as inevitable as interracial marriage.  But it will become accepted only after a few old generations fart their last breaths of hatred – just like marriage between blacks and whites.  If Jesus meets these haters on the other side, they’ve got lots of ‘splaining to do.




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