God Doesn’t Make Mistakes

For Colleen and Jet and Joseph and PLD

Cassidy Lynn Campbell is a beautiful 16-year girl from Marina High School in Huntington Beach, California. Friday night she was crowned Homecoming Queen and did all the things beauty queens are supposed to do like cry, graciously accept her crown, and thank everyone especially her parents. Every fall this scene is repeated on thousands of football fields across the nation but hers was unique – Cassidy was born biologically male.

Like many gay and transgendered high school kids, Cassidy was mocked and bullied for years. That was only a tiny rehearsal for what came after she was named Homecoming Queen.  “Christians” spewed their venom and poison all over the internet denouncing the high schooler in every way possible.  Cassidy said she’d rise above all of that and I’m sure she will.

Ignorant Christians who absolutely know what Jesus said – usually don’t.  They miss the whole point about a Cassidy Cambell.  She wasn’t put on this earth to be judged by a collection of intolerant, narrow-minded, religious wannabees.  She was put here so they could examine their OWN hearts which should be filled with love and acceptance.  In this case, they flunked miserably.

(BTW: Last year I did another post about transgendered people and the comments included a person who actually is t-ed.  The post is titled ‘Canadian Crotch Con’ and  you can read it here. Update: the woman did compete in the show but did not win.)

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