“Go Away! He’s Not Just A Robot – He’s…He’s….”

4 Responses to ““Go Away! He’s Not Just A Robot – He’s…He’s….””

  1. Bill says:

    “He’s the world’s biggest dildo, and he’s all mine” she squealed. I wonder what kind of yelp she’d give if she ever did try him on for size.

    Frank, your blog is having a disturbing influence on the natives.

  2. Joe Belle-Isle says:

    YEP!! That’s a jaw stretcher if I ever saw one. Hard to imagine a woman whose Jaw is stretched out of shape. She must come with the tire testing equipment at Goodyear.

  3. FUBLO says:

    Looks like a XQJ-37 Nuclear-Powered Pansexual Roto-Plooker. (Joe’s Garage, anyone?)

  4. Joe Belle-Isle says:

    I don’t like the roto-plooker model. But if the women find out you own one-look out and if the blood starts flying use a gun if you have to but get the bitches to pull it out of your butt fast.

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