Global Warming? Who Cares?


I don’t care about global warming.  The kid above doesn’t care about it either, but, of course, he’s already dead.  So you tell me we’re going to have huge climate crisis’ in 50, 100, or 1000 years?  That’s too bad. Best of luck in solving those problems to the people who’ll live in the future.

But you see, we’ve got a few global problems hanging around right now.   The World Health Organization estimates that something like 40,000 children die needlessly EVERY SINGLE DAY from easily-solved problems like starvation and diarrhea.  And then there’s the underlying cause, overpopulation, which should be pretty easy to fix too, right?

And you’re telling me thousands of scientists and world leaders and representatives of third world nations are at some fancy conference deciding on what’s the best way to solve a debatable crisis 100-years from now? And third world countries which cannot now fix their own problems of controlling birth rates, diseases, and corruption, want big money to fix the future? Hmmm, let me think about that one.

Oh well, don’t mean to be a grinch.  I hope the conference goes well and everyone gets enough to eat and drink.  Maybe the attendees can even get some doggy bags for the kids back home.

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  1. Joe Bele-Isle says:

    Probably the first thing that we, as educated civilized people wonder, is WHY have a large family of probably doomed children. Someone answerred that for me once and I forgot who. But it’s real simple. As a member of a most likely doomed society the more children you have the better the chances are that one WILL survive. We actually have it very good here, so of course leaders of 3rd world religions want to kill us. Very few people ride down the streets in rich neighborhoods and say to themselves someday THEY are going to attain that point. Most look at the successful and want to tear them apart. Whle the auction houses try to get laws past to say how long something has to stay stolen before it no longer belongs to the original owner, even if he is still alive and survived concentration camps and hell looking to get their belongings back. Would I lower myself to a murderers level to get justice? Damn straight.

  2. Bill says:

    Different countries have different problems. I know this won’t be a news flash for you, but people enjoy having sex. Birth control in many third world nations is either unavailable or too expensive for the residents. Yeah, I know; they should just abstain. Make a lousy life even less worth living. I don’t believe that’s going to happen.

    On the other hand, you’re right about these people not giving a hoot about global warming. Simple survival takes precedence.

    Speedy recovery, by the way. Hope you’re feeling well.

  3. Steve says:

    Given the gap…can the industrialized nations go on with their way of life and consumption…while the rest (and larger) part of the world live’s on less than $2 a day…alongside violence, starvation, exploitation? Is our current model sustainable?
    Would you want to be a banker or Wall Street’er right now, for example? Think of it, you’re living well, while the rest of the country is losing their homes, jobs, health-care…so, what do you need to do? Well, you need a bodyguard, and you better beef up security in your little gated community.
    And, be ready to recognize that, yes, you are doing quite well, but the rest of the country is suffering, and doesn’t think too highly of you, right now.
    Now, we, the people losing our jobs, homes, health-care are PISSED off at the fat cats who are living off of US…we work hard, we follow the rules, and these guys just take and take, they don’t seem to put in their fair share, but they are getting the breaks and reaping the benefits, while we pay more and more everyday…
    Now, do we see, maybe, how the rest of the world feels about us?
    Some self-centered American complains about not getting his email….while someone on the other side of the world is burying his child who just starved to death. Americans complaining about “Holiday Stress” (love that one), and a long day at the mall while some walk 20 miles for water, just to find that the well is poisoned, and there are men waiting there to rape or kill you…and that’s if the lions and hyenas don’t eat you.
    And then, Americans have the balls…AND THE LUXURY, to say it’s all a big hoax.

  4. paolo. says:

    Steve, thank you for commenting. When I wrote this I was nervous knowing how passionately you feel about the subject and your opinion means a lot to me. Thank you for being a gentleman.

    I keep seeing the eyes of these children in my mind. Hopeless, just hopeless. If we even find a way to ship food, farming tools, and contraception information to these people, it’s often ripped off by their own warlords and corrupt pols and generals. And if by some fantastic fortune we’re able to get the materials to those suffering and they get better, what do they do? They have more children and perpetuate the suffering.

    Do we really want to save this planet?

  5. Steve says:

    Well, you make a good point, is this planet even worht saving. A freind of mine and I joke about the whole “2012 End of the World” thingy, saying we’ll almost be disappointed if the world DOESN’T just end in 2012: – )

  6. paolo. says:

    Bulletin: I just clicked on my article under ‘Recent Blogs’ on the Opinion page. It’s gone – along with a number of other posts by me. I don’t really care much anymore. The game is rigged.

  7. Steve says:

    Oops, hit “Enter” too soon.
    yeah, the food does get grabbed up by the warlords…the problem is, most of these people involved, are puppets of a larger nation (China, US, whomever), and of course, tribal conflicts, etc. I sure don’t have the answer, and I admit, I could do more…I realize I am part of the very disease I complain about (I am an American). I am aware of it, and I do know, at least, that there are many people putting great effort to help (better people than I).
    But, again, we in this country have the luxury of debating about this type of stuff. Our house isn’t burning (well, it’s smoldering, but not quite burning yet).
    For instance, I don’t think we have the luxury of debating about job losses as there are many who need help now. A million people, by the skin of their teeth, just had their benefits extended, or they were facing a lousy intro to the new year.
    Same could be said for debating the war, how many have died, while we’ve just been the argument and not even reaching an agreement. I have the luxury of debating the war, I don’t have a loved one in it…but a kid waiting for their mother or father to come home, doesn’t have that luxury of time to argue about it.
    Someone living on $2 a day doesn’t have the luxury of wondering whether GW, Climate Change or whatever name it’s given, its real or not.
    if they’re waiting for America to decide or agree on something or settle it, I got bad news for them….

    As a side-note, if you’d like to really get your blood boiling…check this story.

  8. Steve says:

    The D&C (well, it’s editorial/comment section) is a joke, Brother. That comment page does nothing but make me embarrassed to say I live in Rochester.

    I think the worst offender of all, (aside from Herr_Lawn, Cachito, Saxon, Big Daddio, etc.) is the “Conversations with Caliope” blog…good grief.

  9. Joe Bele-Isle says:

    It’s a dangerous business trying to save the poor of the world. We get blamed and killed for it. One lady wanted to see for herself about adopting a child in South America and someone spread the rumor that as an American she was shoppinfg for body parts-since we could do transplants, and stealing their kids to cut up. She was stoned to death. Do you really believe we are as bad as the ignorance their leaders keep them in to get them to hate us? We have been victimized so bad our own illiterates believe in our enemies.

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