Give Us a Stereotype We Can’t Refuse

“It’s a-me, Mario!”

Mario is a fictional character in an ongoing video game series.  He was created by nip designer, Shigero Miyamoto, and is the mascot for Nintendo.  You can tell Mario is Italian by his big mustache, lousy accent, using his hands a lot, being short, and the fact he’s in the construction trades.  Basically the orientals think he’s a low-grade Italian and reserve high-grade characters for video games about the Mafia.

Stereotypes really don’t bother me much because educated people know they’re pretty lame.  American sociologists tell us Italians and Irish are bothered least by depictions of their ethnicity. Although we were discriminated against at one time, we are now “accepted” in this country.

Smarter people know most Italians don’t fit the stereo – just like most Chinamen don’t eat sushi.  Or is the Japs who eat sushi?  Oh well, Chinese, Japanese – minghia! – what the hell’s the difference?

2 Responses to “Give Us a Stereotype We Can’t Refuse”

  1. Joe Belle-Isle says:

    Japs have a rounder face, Chinese still look like they are starving. They’ll both kick ass with chucks or martial arts. I asaw a Jap in a suit on our Dojo throw every black belt that tried him-using one arm and smiling and barely moving. There are differences. I think right now the Japanese glow in the dark for one thing, but what the heck they are used to it. And seafood is getting easier to catch since drug companies have been dumping out of date prozac and other chemicals in the sea. The little fishies just smile and swim towards the light.

  2. amy says:

    Anytime you add a Hawaiian to the mix, you got a real puzzle.

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