Give North Korea What It Wants

WHAT!?! You commie-loving red bastard!

(I can just hear the venom spewing already … )

Before you get ready to hang me, let me ask a simple question:

Do you know what North Korea wants?

Why does it obnoxiously shoot off nuclear tests and says the US will be the eventual target?  I did some research behind the headlines and wasn’t too surprised at what I learned.

North Korea wants Washington to hold direct talks with its government for two reasons: They want us to stop trying to topple their current regime with economic sanctions. And they want us to sign a final peace agreement since our countries have technically been at war since 1953 – 60-years ago.

Basically they want to establish diplomatic relations with us.  We REF– USE to even talk with them. Why?

Because many of the top people in our government are 1950’s, anti-commie cold warriors.  Their minds still live in an age when communism was a threat to our country. Communism is a freedom and economic DISASTER today but (sorry) it’s not OUR disaster.  We’ve gone broke partially because we try to set up little Americas in places we don’t understand.

Our old, cold-war hawks could not even spell ‘noninterventionist’ – much less practice it.  Even if its in America’s best interest.

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