Get Your Tongue Out of Our Mouths, Sarah ….

We’re Just Kissing You Goodbye.

The Sarah Palin ‘Turkey-Slaughter Babble’ annoys me still. I KNOW there are more important issues – but I’m still thinking about it. One reason is my own hypocrisy. I love most animals more than I love most people. Sorry friend, but if I had to choose between your life and the lives of my fur friends Tuesday and Wednesday …..well, let’s just hope it never gets to that.

I love animals – so how can I eat them? One word – disassociation. My cheeseburgers (I never eat anything that looks like anything) come from plastic-wrapped packages that live in grocers’ freezers. I don’t want to think about it more than that. But since I know – somewhere in my mind – cows ARE killed for my dinner, I cushion the idea with thoughts that they were killed quickly and humanely with no worried anticipation of their own deaths (that’s saved for humans).

That’s why I consider killing any living thing a serious matter. That’s why I’m so enraged at Sarah Palin for thinking her turkey slaughter photo-op was fun, funny, or “neat”.

I don’t hate Sarah Palin. For over 40 years I have known many Sarah Palins. They’re not evil. Pretty, superficial people who ask one question many times each day: “What does this have to do with ME?” And that’s OK. If you accept people for whom they are, and you’re honest, there’s still a lot of room for play.

When I was young, I went out with a lot of Sarah Palins. I never lied – I never promised them an “anything”. I was usually the guy between their “serious” relationships. I gave them new experiences and lots of laughs. What did they give me? Well, uhhh, let’s just say ‘the same things’.

If the times were right, I’ll bet Sarah and I would have had great, fun and funny, memorable times. But I never would have gotten confused. I never would have thought the woman anything more than what she is. And I NEVER would have been dumb enough to vote for her – unless she ran for mayor of a hick town in Alaska.


UPDATE UPCHUCK: UNBELIEVABLE! The Governor’s Office is now claiming that Palin “DIDN’T KNOW WHAT WAS GOING ON BEHIND HER!” Right. This ditz who “could see Russia from my house” somehow missed the turkey head-grind 5-feet behind her! If she lied this badly in college, she never again would have seen my dorm room ceiling.




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