“Gamblers’ Quicksand”

I remembered this term when I was arguing with someone about the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan. I suggested we leave ASAP just protecting our people as they exit.

“We can’t do that.” he babbled, “That would mean over 4,000 of our troops died in vain.”

I cringed. That was the same argument we heard in 1968 when Nixon ran for President. At that time, our losses were over 25,000 soldiers dead and countless maimed. “These brave troops will not have died in vain!” he rumbled and shook his fist. You know the rest. 1975 – America lost a war we never could have won because there was nothing for us to win. Death toll by that time? 57,000 brave American troops – dead – ALL in vain.

“Gamblers’ quicksand” occurs when a player has more hope than sense. Here’s an example: a poker player is dealt a medium-good hand and antes $10. Someone bets and he calls it for another $10. Another card is dealt – exactly the card he DOESN’T need – and his hand turns into mud. The bettor throws in $10 and now it’s up to our player to decide: “fold?” or “bet the $10”?

“If I just fold now,” he thinks, “I’ll lose $30!” So he throws in another $10 and a raise for $10 and now he’s up to his hips for $50 with a terminal case of “hopeatitus”.

Another card is dealt – and the dolt’s hand turns from doo-doo to mush and just about drips on the table. The bet is now $30 and, “what the hell?” he says and throws it in.

The bettor confidently lays down a full-house and our nitwit shows his lousy pair of nines which never got any better. “What the hell were you thinking, dummy?” says a friend as the winner rakes in our guy’s $80.

Johnnie High Hopes just lost money. America should be so lucky.

3 Responses to ““Gamblers’ Quicksand””

  1. Bill says:

    Yup; it’s pretty stupid. Kind of like trying to hang onto a failed relationship because of all you’ve invested in it.

  2. Joe Belle-Isle says:

    And think about all that and (or PLUS) all that and all the stuff all the other guys have been putting into it. Talk about a traumatic Brain Injury-TBI in military slang. Oh yeah, I think we have some 30,000 of those besides the deaths. It SOUNDS good to them to say ONLY 4,000 but they leave out the fraction of an inch where the helmet and the vest have a tiny opening when the men move causing most of the wounded to get a TBI, or become one of the 4,000 plus, chasing EIGHTEEN?? tHERE IS MORE TO IT THAN THOSE NUMBERS. Pakistan has the Nuke and an unstable gov’t that is close to the terrorists too much of the time. PLUS anytime the Westr Pointers and the Admiralty can get that close to Poppy fields it doesn’t matter how many die, we’re talking about top soldiers extra benefits here. Of course all my freinds that died died for nothing. So I may be predjudiced against the stupid hide in the rear let others die from your stupid decision asswipes that MUST be right because they are in charge. Here’s the truth of it-IF they DON”T get people killed they are not doing a good job for their boss. Look at all the medals Audie Murphy EARNED making lieutenant in WWII becoming the most decorated man of the biggest war we have ever had. Then look at ANY general who only needed to be ASSIGNED to an infantry position for a few months to get a Combat Infantrymans Badge CIB and consider we haven’t had a badass war SINCE 1975.-35 years ago. HOW COME ALL the Generals have more medals than Audie Murphy when they were children back then?? Crooked asswipe West Point Pukes. We had one for a CO. He would almost fall down stumbling when he walked down a set of sandbag stairs. You best bet he NEVER EVER went near the perimeter. But he got his Combat Command. That’s more importand than young Johnnies life you best bet your ass.

  3. Joe Belle-Isle says:

    I need to correct what I said about not having a badass war- that was intended for high ranking officers, not our guys in the middle of it. just one day of war is more than plenty for the guys on the ground. More than a lifetime for many. And the thought makes me insane sometimes.

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