Funke Becomes A Flunky


The New York State Assembly passed our annual budget recently and the usual amount of pork was oinked in.  Newly-elected State Senator Rich Funke voted for it. Remember what he said when he ran 4-months ago?

“I’m certainly not a politician. I’ll let you know exactly where I stand on issues.”

I responded: 

“Let’s face it Funke, when you get to Albany, you’ll dance to the same old tune.”

‘Just Another Bland Politician’Everyone Is Entitled To My Opinion, October 4, 2014

The budget contained one proposal that gave a tax exemption for luxury yachts and private planes over $230,000.  If the average taxpayer managed to scrape together $1000 to buy an old rowboat, he’d pay about $100 in taxes and fees. A yacht worth a quarter of a million dollars?  No charge. 

Just one more politician doing the same old shit.  To get along, go along.  Just like I said.

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