Former Rib Roasts On Roof

Rachel Held Evans, a Christian feminist, chose a unique way to challenge the status-quo of women among Evangelical Christians. She lived “according to Biblical principles” for one year and then wrote a book about it. Evans wanted to see if  she could still live and work in today’s society applying the Bible’s rules of behavior for women.

For 12-months, Evans submitted to her husband whom she called “Master” (I knew this would get kinky,) made her own clothes and lived in a tent during her menstrual cycle. She always covered her head in public, gave up haircuts, and sometimes had to sit on the roof for penance.

Rachel’s main objective was to create a dialogue about women and their place in the church and society. (OK – it was also to make a lot of money selling  books.) Ms. Evans said she did this “to help women try to figure out what parts of the Bible should be taken literally, which shouldn’t, and how to decide.”

Her husband, a divinity student, said the experience was “difficult.”

Interesting side note: A number of militant fundamentalists picketed bookstores because Evans used the word “vagina.” Hey guys – what do you call it?

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  1. Bill says:

    The comment about the tent made me realize she was living according to the old testament as well as the new. How on earth could a feminist submit to the old testament? Answer: she wouldn’t, unless, as you say, it was in hopes of making oodles of money.

    While I do not believe in a god, I can kind of comprehend it. What I cannot understand is why anyone with half a brain would take a text written by some other guy and embrace it as the literal word of god.

  2. kathryn quinn thomas says:

    doh! Nothing new there. Wish I’d had the idea. $$$

  3. kathryn quinn thomas says:

    although, there were months when I wouldn’t have minded exiling myself for a week…

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