Forever Young


Sometimes I like to look at vintage erotica. Of course the pictures really aren’t erotic, the photography isn’t very good, and the poses are silly by today’s standards. But they’re still fascinating to me.

Who were these women? Obviously they’re all dead now – unless they lived to be older than a hundred. But imagine how scandalous and shameful these pictures were at the turn of the century – even in Europe. Were the women prostitutes? Unwed mothers in need  of money? Drug addicts?

The most compelling parts of the images are the womens’ faces. Rarely do they look into the camera. Are they hiding from us their most vulnerable features – their eyes?

I hope many years after they posed, when they lived in old lady bodies, they had a chance to again see themselves in these pictures. By that time, the shame would be gone and they knew they would also die soon. And they would leave to this world forever – a beautiful image of themselves.

I hope that made them smile.



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  1. Bill says:

    The last few blogs dealt with vintage erotica, strip teasers, and Rocky’s young squeeze. While we’re on the subject we may as well add prostitution, especially given Spitzer’s recent calamity. The implication seems to be these women are all victims. Certainly some of them are. Women subjected to white slavery or addicted to drugs are not acting as free agents.

    However, a lot of women who choose these careers do so freely and oftentimes happily. They do not perceive themselves as victims and sneer at those of us who do. In fact, some of them look down their noses at us squares and the “boring” lives we lead.

    Regarding Rocky’s demise, I had always been under the impression the young lady in question was performing a Lewinsky type favor for the governor at the time of his mishap. Not that it matters.

  2. Frank Paolo says:

    Hey Bill,

    Thanks for writing. I’m sorry I gave the impression
    that I thought any of these women were ‘victims’ (a
    term, I’ve learned, many feminists despise). Even the
    Vintage women had choices. No dancer I’ve ever known
    felt exploited. They often felt a little remorse for exploiting
    the poor dopes who tipped them well and received NOTHING
    in return except a cheap, voyeuristic thrill.

    As a Libertarian, I think ALL consensual crimes – from
    drugs to prostitution to gambling and similar activities
    – should be legalized – as I’ve stated in previous posts.

    In terms of what Rockerfeller was doing at the time of his
    coronary, Michael Baden, the famous New York forensic
    pathologist, performed the autopsy and issued the Death
    Certificate. The Certificate, which is a public record,
    clearly states Rockefeller died “while having sexual
    intercourse.” I have no idea how anyone could come
    to that conclusion having not been there – but then
    again, this is a field in which forensic pathologists are
    the experts.

    But then again, Baden believes in the Warren Commission’s
    ‘magic bullet theory’ – so obviously he’s a friggin’ whack
    job. Someone whom I ‘kinda’ know (through Pamela Smart) –
    and respect a lot – Cyril Wecht – knows Baden well and
    considers him a friend. Personally, I try to avoid more nitwits
    in my life- I certainly know enough of them now. But that’s
    just me.

    Kind regards,

  3. amy says:

    jesus ‘not that it matters’ is right, man…

  4. John Wilson says:

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  6. chai latte says:

    I am a female who loves looking at these beautiful photos. They are tasteful, not slutty. Gorgeous!

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