Forever Young


Sometimes I like to look at vintage erotica. Of course the pictures really aren’t erotic, the photography isn’t very good, and the poses are silly by today’s standards. But they’re still fascinating to me.

Who were these women? Obviously they’re all dead now – unless they lived to be older than a hundred. But imagine how scandalous and shameful these pictures were at the turn of the century – even in Europe. Were the women prostitutes? Unwed mothers in need  of money? Drug addicts?

The most compelling parts of the images are the womens’ faces. Rarely do they look into the camera. Are they hiding from us their most vulnerable features – their eyes?

I hope many years after they posed, when they lived in old lady bodies, they had a chance to again see themselves in these pictures. By that time, the shame would be gone and they knew they would also die soon. And they would leave to this world forever – a beautiful image of themselves.

I hope that made them smile.

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  1. Joe Bele-Isle says:

    In the nursing homes you can see pictures-not erotic pics just pics of some of the most beautiful girls from the depression and WWII, hanging over an old old womans bed and you can see life flash by. And it is short. That’s over 100 yrs old Frank.
    It took the Indian wars, The Spanish American, Phillipines,Mosquito Coast, WWI, WWII, Korean War, Vietnam, and these recent battles for all the casualties to add up to close to somewhere around the Civil War. And there was plenty of campsite porn. Before a battle the fires and roadsides were full of it. The men didn’t want anything between them and the almighty.

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