He Thinks It’s A Pussy!


* Creates hatred and division nationwide.

* Fucked up the early Covid response because he didn’t want to panic the Stock Market. COST: 240,000 dead Americans!

* LIES, LIES, LIES – every single day!

*Insults our allies and pulls out of our international agreements.

* Chose Putin’s “truth” over our own intelligence agencies on Russian interference in our elections!

* Called our troops “suckers and losers.”

*Promised and then refused to show his tax returns.

* His kids stole money from a Childrens’ Cancer Charity!

* There are at least 6-open court cases against him for RAPE including ones for child molestation.

*Slashed taxes for his richest friends – and himself.

* Trying to destroy ObamaCare – including “pre-existing conditions” with no plan for replacement!

* Pardoning convicted criminal friends.

* Children in cages.

*Muslim ban.

*Wasted $Billions on a short stretch of his ridiculous WALL.

*Doubled national debt.


*”Fine people on both sides.”

*Proud of raping the Emolument clause and openly filling his pockets.

*Voter suppression via the Post Office and closing thousands of polling places.

*Birther” – racist champion.

*WHINING! (I HATE whiners!!!!)


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