Flunking the “Virginity Test”

An Egyptian court on Tuesday ruled the country’s military rulers could no longer use “virginity tests” on detained female protesters.

Although the tests are bizarre by most Western standards, conservative Islamic groups believe that “non-virgins” before marriage are pretty much whores and prostitutes.  “Proof” that a woman is not a virgin would be very embarrassing to her family.  Military leaders have used the tests to suppress protests against their regime.

The medical procedures were invasively conducted by Army men claiming to be doctors.  Right.  They ignited worldwide condemnation by womens rights groups and Amnesty International.

Of course it is medically impossible to prove a woman is a virgin – whether her hymen is intact or not.  A ruptured hymen does not mean a woman has had intercourse.  Neither does an intact membrane prove she has not.

It seems democracy in Egypt is coming in very small steps – and will not come at all if fundamentalist Muslims get their way.


6 Responses to “Flunking the “Virginity Test””

  1. Bill says:

    Some primitive cultures would conduct the virginity test in public before the entire community. A female relative of the prospective groom would jab her fingers into the prospective bride. If she bled, all well and good; they would proceed with the ceremony. If she didn’t bleed, the marriage would be called off, and the female would sometimes be killed or otherwise punished for bringing shame to the family.

  2. paolo. says:

    I’ll bet brides-to-be in those tribes didn’t do a lot of horseback riding.

  3. Joseph Belle-Isle says:

    That all seems well and good to me-except the “Jamming” part. The grooms relative should gently put her finger in the bride starting with one finger and working her way up to maybe three while licking one of the brides nipples as all the other members of the grooms family lick every other available part. They should do this and make a slow motion DVD out of it and send it to me for judgement. Along with the brides phone number, and I do accept bribes, Well I not only accept them they are dealing with the “great” Satan here. Bribes are a neccessary part of the process. I take green stamps.

  4. Bill says:

    S&M Green Stamps?

  5. paolo. says:

    I’ll bet 4 out of 5 people reading my blog weren’t even BORN when green stamps were popular. Bill’s right, we’re dinosaurs.

  6. Joseph Belle-Isle says:

    You mean you shop where they don’t give our Sado-Masochistic Green stamps?

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