Flag Burning You Up?

A few teens burned swastikas onto the road in a predominantly Jewish neighborhood here a while ago.  They were charged with “hate crimes” – oh, my!  Right wingers kicked their electrons around and screamed about the decision.  “If they can burn American flags (Freedom of Speech says the Supreme Court), why should we charge people with burning the symbolic flags of others?”

People burn a flag to show disrespect for America and, basically, to make right-wingers scream.  Yawn – OK – got it.

The funny thing is, the more you go nuts over the act, the more successful it becomes. Demonstrators WANT you to go nuts. They WANT you to become emotionally involved in their issues. Bad publicity is better than no publicity and flag burning is a surefire, over-the-top button to press.

So let’s take a breath here and use our heads.

Flags aren’t the country, they’re SYMBOLS of the country. They’re little pieces of rectangular cloth sold to retailers by wholesalers – just like any other product. Flags aren’t manufactured reverently and rabbis don’t make them kosher. If one gets burned, there’s an endless supply to take its place.

So the next time you see some protesting dolt burn an American flag in a dull, cliched protest, don’t get excited. Don’t let your buttons get pushed. Smile. Think about our wonderful Bill of Rights which allows the nitwit to express himself freely in the land of the free.

And then hope for a little breeze so the goofball will accidentally set his own clothes on fire.

10 Responses to “Flag Burning You Up?”

  1. Joe Belle-Isle says:

    The original law about burning flags wasn’t a law about specificly BURNING flags but desecrating the flag. DEAN DEXTER was the Editor of the REPORTER Magazine (R.I.T.’s school mag.) and for the cover durring Vietnam to make a simple statement about liberty and freedom dressed a model in a flag holding a torch like the statue of Liberty. THE FBI raided his office, and said school papers didn’t have the same freedom of the press as a REAL newspaper. Dean Made it to Life Magazine with pictures of dozens of politicians abusing the colors of the flag-to wit ALL those ribbons and decorations on speakers podiums and decorating congress were in violation of the abusing the Flag law. AND a newspaper is a mewspaper is a newspaper-student or Gannette. Freedom won, Dean was cleared (HE never burned a flag and probably never would, a suit and tie type of guy-The FBI was cracking down on anyone speaking out against the war. WE HERE owe our right to to the men that fought and Dean-who fought it to the supreme court-he really had no choice-that or go to jail and be expelled.
    Last year I Donated a 49 star 50 year old flag to the local American legion to put on their wall-they are RARE and I wanted my name posted as the donating person for my name to be there in perpetuity.
    The commander and a phony newslady took down my story, stole the flag, had another mook take almost a year to frame it, and hung it with one of their asshole buddies name as the donating person, I didbn’t wreck the flag but I tore the plaque off the wall and destroyed it in front of a bunch of Veterans that weren’t old enough to enlist when I was getting shot at. It ain’t over yet, I’ve got a local newspaper and the Vietnam Vets of America to ream some assholes, and if I get bad news at the VA hosp monday I still can shoot and I can think of a bldg full of blue water navy pukes that need to find out what bullets sound like. NEVER DONATE ANYTHING TO THE AMERICAN LEGION. Theres the DAV, the Vietnam Vets, The VFW. It just seems that EVERY Commander they give the keyes to counts like one for them two for me, three for them, four for me. with few exceptions.

  2. amy says:

    thank you Franco.
    You know, big woop. Its just cloth, not shooting the president.

  3. Joe Belle-Isle says:

    Amy what I found stupid was burning ANYTHING in asphalt in a housing neighborhood. They didn’t just burn a symbol of crap , but a freaking ROAD.
    But if your ever overseas and see some country of mass murderers flying their flag OVER yours, you do get a lump in your throat, and it suddenly means something, and some politico says, “But that’s the RIGHT way to do it here!” wellthen screw there. It is nicer here where we don’t have to argue about it.

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  7. David says:

    Thank You!!!!! People flip out at flag burning its just a piece of cloth!

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