Ferguson And Rochester, New York

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There was a huge funeral here in Rochester today.  Over 4000-law enforcement officers from all over the state and nation attended the service of one of their “brothers in blue.”  Officer Donald Pierson, 32, was the first cop killed in the line of duty in Rochester in over 50-years.

Last week, Officer Pierson and his partner pulled over a car driving through one of our ghettos.  The passenger, who has a long, felony record and was recently released from prison, jumped out of the vehicle and started running.  Pierson immediately started chasing him.  The POS (piece of shit) turned around and shot Pierson through the head.  Pierson’s partner shot the runner who remains in the hospital in stable condition.

Since the Mike Brown shooting in Ferguson, Missouri, there have been numerous protests saying, in effect, “white racist cops are murdering our young black men.”  That’s horseshit. America does have streaks of racism – but to say racist white cops are targeting black youth for murder is simply not true.  Let’s be honest, a higher percentage of young black men are shot because a higher percentage of them commit violent crimes.

It’s easy to jump to conclusions about situations like Ferguson – especially when the flames of racism are fanned by race-baiters like Al Sharpton. But all civilized, thinking Americans should take a deep breath and wait for the results from investigations before forming real-life opinions.

And please remember with respect, Officer Daryl Pierson.


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