Federally Funding Fantasyland

Some Christians in Kentucky are raising money to build ‘Ark Encounter Park’ which will feature a replica of Noah’s Ark built according to biblical dimensions and constructed by methods from Old Testament days.  The park will also include other biblical attractions such as the Walled City,  the Tower of Babel. and a petting zoo of Noah’s Animals.

“Arc Encounter” will cost $125 million to build – $25-million for the boat alone.  Donations are supposed to fund most of it  and you can even “Sponsor a piece of the Ark,” by purchasing a peg ($100), a plank ($1000), or beam ($5000) that will actually be used in the reconstruction.

All this is nice (if you like that sort of thing) but my problem comes with tax breaks and possible state and federal funding grants.  Taxpayer money for a Christian Disneyland?

The huge sea of government red ink will part only when we stop funding porky bullshit like this.

5 Responses to “Federally Funding Fantasyland”

  1. paolo. says:

    Thanks for the tip, Paul.

  2. Joe Belle-Isle says:

    Well the Feds could classify it as creating jobs while detracting the enemy with out of the way target building. Why would and ark-that’s not a boat by definition with no sailpower or engine power need a bow or a pointed stern? I don’t think that idea is from the Bible but kids books. I don’t believe it could have carried two of every species but rather two of every species we needed to save to survive, and since the boys found their wives in the “Land of Nod,” even the Bible agrees the Ark wasn’t the only survivors, But I believe the old testament less allowing for thousands of years of mis-translations, and I really wonder what’s left of ancient civilizations under Antarctica and the Sahara. The Black man did some incredibly beautiful carvings in stone of savannah animals by and in the Sahara. At least 5,000 years ago. The differences in our races from skin pigmentation to “slanted” eyes could be easily explained by bodies adapting to the worlds changing climates. This ain’t the first time. Parts of the oceans give off more gas than factories and we worry about cows farts. Well some of us do.

  3. paolo. says:

    I worry about a lot of things in the world, Joe. Cow farts? Not so much.

  4. Bill says:

    Religions generally pay no taxes, so they might get a tax break out of this, but I doubt very much any gvt funding will be involved. The courts would shoot that down. My favorite part of this whole story is there will apparently be dinosauers (T-Rexes?) on board.

  5. Joe Belle-Isle says:

    Some scientist actually figured out the amount of methane caused by all the 5 stomached cows. You ought to worry more about cow farts. According to Gordon 50,000 people in Minesota alone think they are Jesus Christ, The Gov. is wasting big money on windmills when they could just be taping pastic tubes to cows butts (While creating entry level jobs for pipe cleaners.)

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